Saturday, September 29, 2007


Just a quick reaction to today's 33-19 loss to Purdue: I think it was the worst loss yet of the season, because it seemed clear that the talent level of the players ND had on the field was much higher than that of Purdue. In fact, we outgained them 426 to 371. But once again we shot ourselves in the foot with small mistakes due to a lack of discipline.
The botched extra points and field goals were bad enough, not to mention the continued bad snaps. The penalties, though, are ultimately led to our demise. We were penalized for 110 yards, including 15 yards and a key first down on a personal foul by Brian Smith on Curtis Painter in the fourth quarter. Smith leveled an abysmally boneheaded late hit on the QB, who was running harmlessly out of bounds on third down. This inexcusable lapse in judgement occurred one drive after Smith got away with a cheap hit on Painter in another third down situation, which would have cost them the defensive stand had it been noticed.
Weis, however, did not reprimand Smith. In fact, Smith stayed on the field for the rest of the drive while Charlie went to town on the ref. It seemed obvious to me that a when a player makes such a grievous mental error he should be benched. Had it been Trevor Laws (the only indispensable player ND has on defense), I would have understood Weis's failure to take him out of the game. But Brian Smith?
Where is the discipline?

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Anonymous said...

I disagree. Yes, the game was very sloppy but I thought our performance was impressive given my extremely low standards for this team.

Last week we showed we can run the ball. This week we showed we can pass. Occasionally we play good defense. If we can magically put all these things together in one game we might just win. USC anyone?