Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh those SYRs...

On Friday night, my dorm McGlinn Hall held its first SYR, or "Set-Up (Screw) Your Roommate" dance of the year. SYRs are a time-honored tradition at Notre Dame, a seemingly cruel way to make freshmen socially interact and find a date within the first weeks of school. But, not to make the situation any more awkward than it already is, many freshmen choose to set up their roommates with dates. As a sophomore, it was interesting to remember only a year ago I was experiencing that first SYR-- meeting someone for the first time, engaging in small talk, and then dancing to painfully long R&B songs. But now as a sophomore, I can truly appreciate the unique beauty of the SYR. Where else, for instance, can I dress up as a ninja turtle (the theme was "Under the Sea" and granted the ninja turtles lived in the sewers of New York but it was still an amazing costume)? Or where else, can I dance at the Rock, an athletics facility with a gymnasium reminiscent of what was on the Titantic? And where else can I belt out the lyrics of that great 80s classic, "Total Eclipse of the Heart?" Nowhere else but the SYR.

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