Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on campus...

Not sure how many faithful undergrad readers we have out there, but a couple of events (featured in last week's issue!) worthy of attendance are happening here at ND this week:

1. Today the Catholic Culture Series, sponsored by one of our favorite academic institutes here at ND, the Center for Ethics and Culture, continues exploring the question of Shakespeare's Catholicism. Come hear Prof. Peter Holland (Notre Dame's resident Shakespeare expert) speak on "Cracking the Shakespeare Code" at 8pm in Debartolo 155. The lectures are actually directed at a student audience, and are usually engaging and quite interesting...so come check it out!

You can find out more about the series, and the upcoming lectures, here at the Center's website.

2. Let's all pause for this one--the Rover is plugging a Center for Social Concerns-sponsored event!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 26, the Post-Graduate Service Fair will be taking place in the JACC. For those Domers among you who aren't keen on entering the business or academic or whatever world just yet, check out the opportunities available for a year or two of service.

And if you would rather make the big bucks next year...then at least stop by the Maggie's Place table and say hi to me. (Whoever said that we Rovers just kick puppies in our spare time...nonsense!) I'll be happy to show you some pictures of cute babies and maybe, just maybe, convince you to head to the desert to foster the dignity of the human person through service to the tiniest of our neighbors--and their mommies!

So that's what this Rover's got filling her busy schedule--I'm sure my fellow, hardworking Rovers are just as busy...and this might explain the recent dearth of posting.

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