Thursday, September 13, 2007

Penn State weekend

So this past weekend was not a great weekend for Notre Dame football, especially for fans like myself who made the drive east to State College, Pennsylvania. My brother and I left Saturday morning, stayed overnight on Saturday night, and returned to Notre Dame Sunday afternoon. By the way, never stay at an Econolodge, or at least not the one in Clearfield, PA. I decided that was a good rule of thumb after waking up at 6:00 a.m. to cops pushing a battering ram through someone's door only a few rooms away from ours.

Anyway, as we were driving to the game Saturday morning, I thought about other people who might be attending the game at Penn State. Who came to my mind? None other than last year's Rover Editor-in-chief, Tommy Forr, who of course hails from the great state of Pennsylvania. I called Tommy while I was driving and sure enough, he was on his way to the game as well. He offered my brother and me a warm welcome to his tailgate (presumably, I thought, where all the big donors with RVs were located).

When we got to Penn State I gave Tommy a call and he directed us to his tailgate. Tommy was so incredibly generous with his friends' food and drinks! No, seriously, it was a great time as we hung out with Tommy and fellow Rover alum Dan McGowan in the grass parking lots before the game. The game was a disappointment but the atmosphere left me longing for a day when Notre Dame Stadium could be that rowdy. Sigh.

Although we haven't yet been able to celebrate any football victories this season (Joe Lawler is sticking to his 10-2 prediction even after the 0-2 start), we do have things to celebrate. Namely, the friendships that Notre Dame and the Irish Rover in particular bring to our lives for years to come.

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ndgoat4 said...

Mr. Duffy,

A pleasure as always to host a fellow Irishman at a friend's tailgate.

Granted, there is no better game atmosphere than a Penn State white out. The noise / energy is off the hook.

But I still think it's undisputed that, when ND's hot, there's no better overall gameday experience in football.

Keep up the good work man.