Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Any Chance this week?

With Evan Sharpley starting this week against USC, I think we have a legitimate chance to defeat the Trojans. I realize that the Irish are an awful 1-6 this season, while USC stands at 5-1, but I honestly believe we can win this game on Saturday.
The offense, which has been stagnate under Clausen, has actually been fairly productive with Sharpley under center. He has led Notre Dame on its three longest drives of the season, and the offense, in general, seems to open up more when Sharpley is in the game. While he may not be as accurate a passer as Clausen, the offense definitely responds to Sharpley when he is in the game. Moreover, Sharpley’s elusiveness to avoid the rush has prevented a sack on more than one occasion – a skill that is extremely valuable with an offensive line that has struggled this season.
On the other side, USC has not performed well. They lost to a weak Stanford team two weeks ago, and last week the Trojans just managed to sneak by Arizona. No one can deny the amount of talent on USC, but they seem to be extremely lackadaisical, merely going through the motions. To make matters worse for USC, John David Booty may miss the game on Saturday due to a broken finger, though he insists that he wants to play. If Booty doesn’t play, Mark Sanchez will get the start for USC, and I think that our defense, which has been able to get pressure on the quarterback in the last few games, will be able to rattle the inexperienced Sanchez.
The bottom line: If USC continues to play as poorly as they have in the past two weeks, Evan Sharpley, though he may not be spectacular by any means, will be able to do enough to generate points for the Irish, and lead them to a victory.


Anonymous said...

this article is ludacrous. the author obviously has no idea what he is talking about. i think he should be fired because he is dumb and not funny.

Anonymous said...

this is the best article i've ever read.

Anonymous said...

What a sublime mix of incisive analysis and cutting wit.