Sunday, October 7, 2007

Energy Week

As I battle this silly cold which I attribute, in part, to my lack of sleep on production night, I am finishing up a poetry assignment. That is to say, pardon my “waxing poetic”/ sarcasm in the rest of this post.

As hopefully most readers of this blog know, Respect Life Week concluded today with Respect Life Sunday, during which, at all masses, homilies addressed pro-life issues and prayer cards were handed out, a nice final touch for a solemn week of prayer and sacrifice, and I mean this with all sincerity.

Incidentally, today is also the beginning of Energy Week, a period of seven days devoted to raising awareness about the global warming, pollution, and energy depletion which is occurring in our very midst. The Cemetery of the Innocents is to be replaced by a display of electric cars and hybrid motorcycles, and, instead of to the Theology of the Body discussion which was held last Friday, this Friday, many students (more than were at the discussion) will flock to “a factual and informational story about global warming told by Al Gore” being presented on North Quad. In case anyone was interested in attending, the Weather Channel is predicting a high of 59 on Friday, a little below average for this time of year. As night falls, temperatures should drop to the high 40s, so be sure and bring your sleeping bag and hoodie!

I’ve also been curious about posters in my dorm’s restroom which try to explain how much energy is wasted by our typical daily actions. For example, apparently if you throw away an aluminum can, you’ve wasted as much as energy as if you were to fill that can half full with gasoline and pour it on the ground (i.e. approximately how much gas I use in 30 seconds going 80 on the toll road.) Also, the energy equivalent of all the oil that flows through Alaskan pipelines in a year leaks through the windows of American homes in the winter. And, my favorite: the average American baby produces one ton of trash a year! That’s a lot of poo diapers! Because of these posters, I have vowed to no longer drink coke, heat my house, or have babies. God bless the environment!

All joking aside, the environment is a serious issue, as it always has been. How much we humans can affect earth’s entire climate, however, is a matter of serious debate, but a little bit here and there does help: Have time? Use the air dryer instead of paper towels. The recycling bin near you in LaFortune? Throw your plastic away there. Print two-sided when the opportunity presents itself and be sure and turn off your lights before you leave the room. If you have enough money, buy a hybrid vehicle, and carpool if it is accessible.

On the other hand, we needn’t reduce babies to their equivalency in trash or devote time and energy to preserving oil reserves when unborn children are being murdered in our midst. Let us not forget that we were placed over creation, and that, therefore, the person, and all those means of maturing as such, must never be reduced to a source of pollution.

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Johnny Domer said...

I wonder if most of the student body actually realized it was Respect Life Week until Respect Life Sunday rolled around...if not, that says a lot about the University and what a sad job they're doing on this front. Sure, the University loves pumping itself up about the social work they're doing: the Millenium Village stuff, the ND Forum on immigration, and even "Fighting Global Warming" in our commercials during football games (not sure how that works, given the fact that our electricity is provided by a coal-burning power plant); but in regards to the single most pressing social issue of the day, the Holocaust of our times, what does Notre Dame do? They make prayer cards to be passed out on Sunday at the Basilica, and Right to Life of ND (with their limited resources and through volunteer work) is left to themselves to do the rest.

How about a Notre Dame Forum on ABORTION? Why aren't we "Fighting for Life" in our commercials? Why are we working through the UN (which certainly does not have the best record on this issue) to start a millenium village while 4000 kids are being murdered in the US alone EVERY DAY?

If the ND powers-that-be claim to be Catholic and claim to be pro-life, then they have no excuse for failing to press this issue.