Saturday, October 13, 2007

No More Excuses: We Shall Overcome

Nothing quite says fall like a home game at Notre Dame. Flocks of alumni and visitors drifting around campus and asking for directions, and observing a students live a life that is, at once familiar and different. Students, on the other hand, are running around, trying to do everything they need to get done before the weekend comes. The glass candles are brought out at the Grotto and support for the team is seen everywhere. Meanwhile, the temperature is about 30 degrees lower than last week and everyone is scrambling for socks and jackets as highs hit the 50's. The leaves are turning and falling, the legendary "blue-grey October sky" is here, more commonly known as "the permacloud", and students hunker down for the combined start of midterms week and a marathon home-game streak. Break is so close. And, we have a game tomorrow.


Tonight in the JACC was one of the better pep rallies I've seen. Spirit was high among the students, who were distinguished by their dorm apparel. The speakers, Rocket Ismael and Justice Alan Page, were inspiring and enthusiastic, especially the Rocket since he brought the entire Arena on its feet.

Before the pep rally, he told the players, so they've been knocked down, but so what? Get back up again. The worst enemy is in the head, the one that thinks about defeat and losing. It isn't about excuses. Today's society is all about making excuses, which only get in the way of full potential, so stop thinking about defeats and aching muscles, so just go out there and play. (I paraphrase into cliches because I don't recall any exact quotes. He did for sure say that thing about today's society.) Go to to watch a video of him speaking and finish believing we can dominate BC. (Seriously. Go watch it. I wont't transcribe it. Use Internet Explorer 6.0 or better.)

During the rally, he said "You can either stand or fight, or throw up your hands and live to see another day. Well guess what, it's time to stand and fight." After that, we could have probably Boston College then and there and won, playing like we are going to play in all of our winning games next year.
(Brief digression: If anyone is familiar with the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights", there is a scene where Robin Hood gives a motivational speech to his Merry Men, he winds up doing an impression of Churchill. Then Achoo steps in with a rousing speech in the style of Malcom X. That is what I couldn't help thinking of hearing Rocket talk, especially when after he told us to "stand and fight", he said that "together we have what it takes to overcome.")

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