Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rush Week?

Want an indication on how far Notre Dame football has fallen?

In this week leading up to the second biggest home football game of the year, a large amount of ink has been spilled in the Observer and internet message boards over whether the student body should rush the if the Irish knock off the #4 Eagles.

Have things really gotten so bad that we are more concerned about a premeditated celebration than the football game itself? It sure does seem so.

Screw rushing the field. Screw the "Back Up College" shirts. Screw bickering over "Our Little Brother" and "Fredo." The student body just needs to go out on Saturday and make as much noise as possible. We are not helping our boys by arguing over petty details in newspaper and internet message boards. When toe meets leather, all that stuff doesn't matter. What does matter is noise - lots of it. Don't believe me? Look at any SEC school (well, maybe not Vandy). During the game call them whatever names you want, just so long as you yell it. And when it is all said and done, win or lose, stay off the field. Boston College deserves our utmost attention and respect, but we still have work to do next week against Petey and the Men of Troy.

My suggestion: no talking next week. The silence before the storm.

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