Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ode to Mothers

Monday, 12 November 2007, the Motherhood Resource Committee of Notre Dame's Right to Life group hosted a roundtable discussion on the umbrella-issue of abortion, looking at the many implications of this medical industry and the debate surrounding it. Being that the Motherhood Resource Committee was the host commission for the discussion, the session icebreaker invited the attendees to introduce themselves including a favorite characteristic about their mother. Random, right? Maybe, however I think that such a game brings to attention the underappreciation suffered by mothers, especial stay-at-home mothers, in today's culture.
Mothers rarely, if ever, get any recognition that thoroughly and completely takes into account all of their hard work. For the sake of sparing you, Oh-so Gentle Reader, a list of things moms do, I have attached a glorious YouTube video to this post of a comedienne singing a 2:55-minute summary of everything a mother says and does in a one day period. While the clip is quite humorous (and true: I know I've heard about 98.9% of those phrases from my mom's mouth), the songstress fails to include any accolades of a mother.
If you really think about it, mothers are kind of like benchwarmers. Most literally, they do warm the bench/seat at their childrens' sports games, recitals, plays, and etcetra. But, moreoever, they are almost always in the background of their childrens' lives and expect nothing in return for the loving care that they put into everything. You might be thinking, "That's what we have Mother's Day for." But is that enough?
I once read an article in which the writer proposed that we replace the title "Benchwarmer" with the more appropriate "Sideline Hero." This author describes the benchwarmer as having hero status as he willingly sacrifices personal glory for the betterment and success of the team. Is this same sacrifice not also exhibited, and more perfectly in the role mothers play in the lives of their children? Stay-at-home mothers sacrifice even more, passing up potential glory and success in the workplace for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, stinky diapers, and uprooted flowers from the front garden. What is even more beautiful is the mother who leaves behind the office and never looks back, never second-guessing her work as a mother. Beautifully heroic is the mother who lives for the sandwiches, diapers and surprise bouquets.
So, yea, sit back and enjoy this YouTube ode to mothers; however remember: you might drive your mom up the wall and she might yell all sorts of obnoxious things to you, but at the end of the day she thanks God for your and her life and looks forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

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