Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dialogue of Cultures

As you all probably know, the Center for Ethics and Culture's annual fall conference is taking place this weekend. This year's title is a Dialogue of Cultures. The keynote lecture was given Thursday night by the Most Reverend Elias Chacour, Archbishop Metropolitan of the Melkite
Catholic Diocese of Acco, Haifa, Nazareth and Galilee. Chacour offered a message of hope for interreligious dialogue and a surprisingly sharp wit.

There were many more presentations on Friday including one given by Alasdair MacIntyre titled "How to be a European: Questions for Tariq Ramadan." Also, Professor George Lopez, Professor of Peace studies, offered a talk on "The Ethics of Exit from Iraq: Insights from Just War thinking.”

Yesterday culminated with a wonderful talk by George Weigel about Pope Benedict's Regensburg address which, like the Archbishop, combined a serious message with a sense of humor. This conference brings together students and intellectuals from all over the world and symbolizes what Notre Dame is about--dialogue in search of truth. If you haven't attended the conference yet this year, I encourage you to make it over to McKenna Hall and join in this dialogue.

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