Wednesday, December 5, 2007

[Witty Derision Here]

How lucky we are that the lofty standards of copy editing here at the Rover ensure that we will never endure such gaffes as befell the Washington Times in this woeful online article:

I learned a long time ago (8th grade Earth Sciences report on tides, in fact) that you never, ever write something that you don't intend to publish (or hand in). Otherwise it is simply a matter of Fate that the most damaging thought you ever thunk will be read by Mr. Bitarelli. Or, in the Washington Times' case, published to your website and read by thousands of critics waiting to blog about your failures.

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Matt Smith said...

After three years with The Rover, I, for one, find it somewhat comforting that professional publications are not immune to the same kinds of gaffes we've committed in the past...

See, Tae, it happens to the best of us!

Brooksanne said...

In 1980 the ultimate, I believe, example of this phenomenon occurred: the Boston Globe published an editorial about Jimmy Carter, complete with "temporary in-house" headline: More Mush From the Wimp.