Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yeah, but...

It seems like the competition around here is ridiculous. I've noticed this particularly as exams approach and students have their exam conversations.

" I have four tests, three papers, and am running on 4 hours of sleep a night!"
" Wow, that sucks, but I have 6 tests, 2 papers, I'm sick, and I someone stole my pillow so I'm running on zero sleep."
"Only two papers? That's not that bad."

Everyone should just agree that exams is a busy time, it sucks for everyone, so stop complaining about it. We all have tests, papers, etc. and some of us actually do have less than others (for example Arts and Letters vs. Engineering; I'll admit it). Chill, work through it, and don't try to one up me, cause mine's so worse. Just joking, but don't worry, you'll make it through it, even if you officially earn the finals week from hell. I just don't need to know how much easier I have it than you. In fact, if you ever see or hear me complaining about my schedule you can slap me. Not hard, but go ahead, please. That's it. It's two in the morning and that's all that's bothering me. Good luck with finding your pillow.


Rachel said...

It seems that every conversation about finals turns into a contest to one-up each other in the pity-party.

We all have papers. We all have tests. We all are running on little sleep. We all are spending the remainder of our flex points on Starbucks, Mountain Dew, and Red Bull. We all hate the library. We all are stressed out.

So what if there's a bit of difference? Yes, I'm an A&L major whose grappling with the future of Russia does not seem to parallel the difficulty of a comprehensive Differential Equations II final. But it still stresses me out and takes up my time.

We're in this together, guys. Encouragement, smiles, Christmas music, and (if you're me...) chocolate, go a long way in helping survive these horrid days--together.

Darragh said...

This time last year, I was *that* person. I had 1 project and 2 fairly easy tests to entertain me for an entire week. I kept slipping up and calling that week "break", and my friends would give me weird looks or try to attack me with whatever textbook they had at the moment. It was fantastic.