Friday, October 5, 2007

Graduation Rates Still High

This year, Notre Dame has suffered one of its worst athletic seasons in recent memory. The football team’s inability to win a game has been highly publicized, and the women’s soccer team, which is usually a safe bet to finish in the top-5 in the nation, has struggled mightily, winning only five of its first ten games this season.
Fortunately for Our Lady’s University, the sports programs do have something to feel good about. Recently, USATODAY published an article on the graduation rates of college sports programs across the nation. In the NCAA’s findings, Notre Dame had 18 out of its 22 sports teams finish with a graduation rate of 100%. Moreover, Notre Dame scored the highest out of any school on the GSR, the NCAA system used to determine actual graduation rates. Finally, the Irish football team posted a graduation rate of 93% last year, much higher than many of the top teams in the country.
So while our athletic accomplishments on the playing field this year may be small, our student-athletes still succeed in the classroom. It would definitely be nice to win a game or two this season, but I wouldn’t want to switch graduation rates with USC (57% of football players graduate) for any of the on-field accomplishments the Trojans have garnered in the past five years.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Irish Rover Live Production Blog

Above and to the right Dan Amiri does his best impression of an evil monk.

Fiancee and Fiance work hard on production night.

Rover sophomores Phil Yuhas, Mary Kate Daly, and Dan Dixon work hard as senior Editor-in-Chief Matt Smith looks on.