Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Confusion Breeds Communication

As the first two primaries are in and showing different winners, I hope that the race will stay open to all candidates. This will enable voters to learn about their choices in a deeper way than normal. This is the first election in decades that lacks a sure candidate for either party. And for a nation seeking more from its officials, this can only be a good thing. Knowledge of a candidates articulated positions will increase the voters ability to make the correct choice for their respective parties and the nation. Elections can only truly work when this knowledge is out there, so hopefully the media will pressure candidates to elucidate their opinions and stances. Hopefully, the larger slate of candidates will lead to better choices for the true elections, better communication to the voter, and better ideas to improve this great nation of ours.

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Brandon said...

Ron Paul rEVOLution is going to happen. I was going to the dentist the other day and I saw a Ron Paul sign on a chain link fence. Later that day I saw another one outside my mother's office building, then one on a freeway overpass. He raised 6 million dollars in one day. This is the populist uprising that we need. I even convinced my mom, the New Yorker Italian, to register as a Republican so she can vote for him in February.