Sunday, January 6, 2008

Easter Come Early

Despite Ireland's present economic boom resulting from the Celtic Tiger, I have been sorely disappointed by Irish capitalism throughout my studies here. 90% of the cheeses on offer in supermarkets are cheddar: red cheddar, white cheddar, mild cheddar, sharp cheddar, mature cheddar, very mature cheddar. I hardly eat anything else. The portions are smaller. The chicken isn't pumped with growth hormone. The eggs are the brown kind whose shells splinter really badly and chips of brown egg shell wind up in your omlette (which is filled with, you guessed it, grated cheddar cheese). The fruits and vegetables for sale are mostly the ones which are in season (and potatoes are always in season!) I got sick this week and discovered to my deep annoyance that Ireland doesn't have applesauce. I asked one of my Notre Dame friends what you're supposed to eat when you're sick in Ireland and she aptly responded: "potatoes. mashed potatoes." No thank you.

However, there is one respect in which Irish consummerism trumps American: They start celebrating Easter immediately following New Year's with the abundant availability of Cadbury Creme Easter Eggs. I'm not giving up sweets this year for Lent. No, I am going to sit back and eat as many chocolatey Cadburries with that delightfully coloured mock yolk and eggwhite from now through Pentecost while you all have to wait for Dyngus Day. Cheers.

(clicking on the title of this post takes you to a website with a thorough history of the triumph of the Cadbury Creme Egg)

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