Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PSA: Looking for something cool to do next year?

Most of you have probably heard of First Things, and if you haven't, well, this probably won't mean much to you.

I met one of their current Junior Fellows, Nathaniel Peters, this past summer, and after hearing him gush about his experiences living in a brownstone in NYC and working with an editorial staff including Fr. John Neuhaus, I thought I should pass along this opportunity, recently posted on their blog.:

First Things has openings for junior fellows, beginning in the mid to late summer of 2008. These are one- or two-year internships for young writers and scholars interested in religion and public life. The positions offer the opportunity to participate in the magazine’s writing and production; the theological and political discussions the magazine sponsors; and the religious, cultural, and intellectual events that cluster around First Things in New York City. The positions include free housing and a modest stipend.

Send a résumé, two writing samples of an academic nature, and three references to: Anthony Sacramone, Managing Editor, First Things, 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400, New York, New York 10010, or by email to

Applications are due February 15.

This should be of interest to many Rovers and faithful Rover blog readers alike!

UPDATE: For a more in-depth description of the life of a junior fellow, check out this description by Nathaniel.

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