Monday, January 14, 2008


The Smurfs turn 50 this year!

Happy Birthday Smurfs!

Thanks to Pierre "Peyo" Culliford, our culture was given a smurfing boon in 1958. I remember watching the Smurfs on TV as a very small, slightly smurfy child. In fact, it was so long ago that it seems more like a smurfy memory that my mind created. But I know that my older brother used to watch the Smurfs and if he did, then I certainly did (because we watched everything that he watched). As proof, there are two Smurf figurines in his room. One is dressed up like Benjamin Franklin, with a 3-cornered hat, a kite and a key, ready for smurfing business. The other one looks like it was meant to go on the back of a pony but the smurfing pony itself has disappeared. I love the Smurfs. They're so ... smurfy!

For the MSNBC article, click here.

To go to the official Smurf website, click here.

And finally, the Smurfs have a Happy Smurfday website here.

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Greer Hannan said...

What my modest sister neglected to mention was that for a period of about 8 months during her sophomore year at Notre Dame she WAS a smurf. She died her hair bright blue, and i called her smurf, or my smurfy sister. it was pretty cool to be the freshman who could say 'oh yeah, I have a sister here at ND. yeah, she's the 4'11" Korean with blue hair'.