Friday, February 8, 2008


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, is following in the esteemed foosteps of PM Neville Chamberlain in his recent call to incorporate aspects of Sharia law in England.

The part of the Times article that put it best:

One of Dr Williams's arguments in favour of including some parts of Sharia under a parallel jurisdiction to secular law was to aid social cohesion. Mr Blunkett told the Today programme on Radio 4 : "I think this is very dangerous because the Archbishop used the term affiliations.
"We have affiliations to football clubs, to cricket teams, to all sorts of things that aren't central to our citizenship and the acceptance of that in terms of a common society.
"We don't have affiliations when it comes to the question of the law. And when it comes to equality under the law, we have to be rigorous in terms of making sure people do not find themselves excluded from it because of cultural or faith reasons."

As someone who will be living in England for the next two years, I'm very glad to hear that there has been serious backlash against the Archbishop.

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Rachel said...

I read the story on the Archbishop's comments last week, too. Quite unnerving. The pessimist in me agrees with Williams on his prediction that sharia law will eventually, inevitably be in force in Britain--as it will be in the rest of Western Europe somewhere down the road, unless Europeans get their act together and cease to breed themselves into extinction. But I certainly wouldn't argue, on any "enlightened" legal basis as he does, for its acceptance by Britons before it is forced upon them!

For another engaging editorial on this topic, see this article: