Monday, February 25, 2008

The Campus Rape Crisis

Find the attached article for an interesting analysis of the campus rape 'crisis.'



I have had friends actually raped, but at the same time, I agree with the fact that a 25% figure seems to be extraordinarily high. Rape is a push-button issue that is used to assert feminism and push other similar issues such as contraception and abortion. These issues need to be discussed rationally and honestly, not using edited numbers to prove a point. Honesty and information is required for true debate.


Brandon said...

This is one of those what do you think will happen if you do something stupid scenarios? I'm not blaming victims, everyone should have a right to safety and security no matter how inebriated they are. But until every male on the planet can have the honor not to take advantage of women, women need to take care of themselves and be careful. It's pretty simple.

And again the irony is that many campuses promote sex. I remember reading an editorial out of Princeton a few years ago that encouraged the ladies on campus to "get laid." It was written by a "lady." If the culture of booze, drugs and excess is allowed to flourish what do college administrators think is going to happen? There is a pretty simple rule for this: Nothing good ever happens at 3 am. By extension let's just assume that nothing good ever happens in the middle of the night by yourself in a dark place, male or female. Which means that you shouldn't be walking home from off-campus setting yourself up for a robbery. You shouldn't be passed out on some guy's futon in Alumni. You should be at home, in your own bed, joking with your roommate about all the loser guys at Notre Dame and how they have no game.

Rachel said...

I have always wondered about the 25% college rape statistic myself--because before coming to college, I had always heard that between 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime. So I'm not really sure how it computes.

All the same, I took slight issue with the author's tone/approach in that article. I don't see anything at all problematic about having a college rape center, however little 'business' it might get. Universities should provide for the well-being of their students, and the resources available there must help the people who ask for them. And comparing the statistics coming from 'rape researchers' and 'victims' just goes to show that many victims don't know how to feel about or 'classify' (as if that's something they have to do!) their experiences. It's a violation of their person, and if they can't quite put their finger on how and why they feel violated, I don't think that's a problem.

The problem I see is that when people talk about rape on college campuses, and try to trace the origins of the problem, they often end up with answers that are just plain wrong. That's because they want to safeguard their 'liberated' sexuality and 'carefree' college lifestyle from any sort of common-sense restriction. This isn't blame-the-victim, this is common sense. If you want respect, you have to ask for it--and in more than just words.

'Acquaintance' rape is common because we have created situations in our 'drinking' and 'hook-up' culture that--if they don't encourage--give an opportunity for that sort of behavior to take place. I don't think young women were being raped by acquaintances quite at often back in the days when modesty and chastity were still regarded as virtues of at least some value. Women need to understand and respect their own dignity--and ask men to do the same. That is the only real ground for fighting the problem of violence against women.

KellyMac said...

Hows about we fight violence against PEOPLE? What, am I supposed to believe that women are the only victims of violence? Or are they the only ones who don't deserve it?

As for the 1 in 4 statistic, it is at best a dishonest and selective interpretation of whatever study they're citing. At worst it's a number radical feminism plucked out of mid-air.

The fact is that white western women are the most privileged people in the history of humankind. Feminism creates nothing but whiny, spoiled children with entitlement complexes, and the rest of society must cater to their whims or be prosecuted. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

I've been raped. Physically forced to submit to penetration against my will. Are 1 in 4 women survivors of such a thing? How many do you know personally? If 25% of the female population has had the experience, then I'd say we should all know quite a number of them. Yet the stories I've heard usually amount to: "We were necking and petting and naked, and then I decided we were done and he didn't want to leave." WTF??