Saturday, February 2, 2008

Governmental Interference

In yet another example of how ridiculous Congress has become and apparently in an effort to validate its extraordinarily low approval rating, Arlen Spector, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has decided to interfere into yet another sport.

You may remember a similar meeting with our nation's past time, baseball, over the issue of steroids. As if social security, immigration, a crashing economy, and homeland security aren't enough issues to deal with, Congress should start looking around to regulate pro sports. Clearly, the Patriots are a threat to our nation and to our lifestyle with their uncanny ability to win every game. How can we be a free and equal country with a 17-0 Patriot's team?

Why stop with the NFL and MLB? I demand an investigation into the NCAA and the BCS system, which is clearly a huge issue that demands attention. The Celtics also clearly are violating the principles upon which our country is founded with their dominance of the NBA!

Congress should worry about issues which truly concern it as the supreme law making body in this nation. Leave the sports and entertainment industries to themselves. Unless, you can actually resolve the BCS mess, cause a playoff would be much better.

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Brandon said...

1) Past time = Pastime e.g. baseball

2)Patriots are currently 18-0

3)Patriots allegedly cheated before the Super Bowl in 2002.

4)There is a national interest in regulating these sports if they can't do it themselves. Why? Because if we all find out that they aren't legitimate then the product dies. Fixed games = no one cares = no one bets = less money to sportsbooks in Vegas = less tax revenue for Nevada = Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not happy. Simple as that.

5)The BCS works fine. College football is the only sports in which every single game of the season matters. Which is why it is so entertaining. Keep the BCS.