Friday, February 22, 2008

Hi, Neighbor!

As far as anniversaries go, this seems to be a big year. The Smurfs turned 50, Legos had a milemarker, and now it is time to remember another childhood classic. 40 years ago from last Tuesday (so four days ago) was the first airing of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood." It is hard to believe that his show has ended since in some ways it epitomized an era of American childhood. It will be hard to imagine the children of this generation growing up without The Land of Makebelieve or King Friday. In searching for this video on youtube, I watched many snippets of episodes that all brought back fond memories. And now, as a frazzled adult, I found it soothing to hear him tell me it would be all right after all. I hope you enjoy these. I did.

What do you remember the best? I particularly remember when he took us to a factory that made jeans, the crayon factory one, and the short series about Josephine the Shortnecked Giraffe.

A tribute to Mr. Rogers:

A rare interview:


Darragh said...

In addition, I stumbled across old clips from the show "Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego" (, and one of my favorite Sesame Street songs from all time, where Ernie doesn't want to live on the moon

I hope you've enjoyed this flash back to childhood. Man, it was a long time ago.

Brandon said...

I never watched any of these shows. I watched Care Bears...and My Little Pony. Yeah I had thing for pink horses that could talk.

Ben said...


Well I guess that explains your long flowing locks...haha

Greer Hannan said...

What about Mr. Roger's mini-operas? I still sing some of the songs when I'm in the kitchen: "Wicked knife and fork! Wicked knife and fork! All I ever wanted was a spoon, a spoon! A spoon, a spoon!" and
"There is never any trouble in bubble land, bubble land. Never any trouble in bubble land!" Great for cooking and washing up!