Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a few things of note today:

The first is that the temperature is a bove 0 for the first time in what seems like forever but in reality only 4 days, since Friday. Still, a hike to the bookstore wouldn't be advisable.

The second is that today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Well, it's the anniversary of the President's birth, not the actual day but whatever. We all know what he sacraficed to keep the Union whole, to keep the great democratic experiment alive. By the end of the War he was the slave's best friend. Imagine how differently Reconstruction and the Civil Rights movement would have been. The tallest President, and allegedly the most eloquent, the simplicity and strenght of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC is a fitting tribute. However, I won't wax poetical or nostalgic because I could go on forever, since the Civil War is the reason I'm studying history (the movie Gettysburg, specifically), so I'll just leave this little gem I stumbled across on the intrawebs.

I hope you take the quiz and leave your results in the comment section.

Abraham Lincoln - The most brilliant president.

Mmmhmm, Abe the Babe... maybe not babelike in the traditional sense (he was definitely tall and dark, if not classically "handsome") but a mind that was hotter than Georgia asphalt. You could ask him anything, and he would probably know the answer, which could be very convenient. Abe was pretty reserved -- not so great with the romantic stuff, and he'd probably run and hide if you ever said "listen, we need to have a talk". But his waters ran deep, possibly deeper than any other president. Maybe even than any other mortal. Ever. And we suspect that as long as you were gentle and non-judgmental with him, he'd totally open up to you. And when he did, and you saw the true contents of his heart, your mind would be BLOWN.


Rachel said...

Apparently Honest Abe is my presidential hottie soulmate as well.

Similarly, check out "Who Wants to Marry a Founding Father (or Mother)?" here:

Anonymous said...

I got teddy roosevelt, "the cowboy president"

There's pretty much no such thing as a president who wasn't a bookworm. But aside from eating up the written word, Teddy R was also into, let's see: hunting, fishing, tennis, boxing, hiking, rowing, and jujitsu. So we're guessing the back, shoulders, and presidential hindquarters were of suitable firm gorgeousness. He also had a low tolerance for horsepuckey, and so probably wouldn't buy his way into your heart with flowery poetry. But when his guard was down, we bet you could get an impressive snuggle out of him -- the teddy bear was named after him, literally. And even though he probably didn't advertise it, deep down he was a total romantic; he held a flame for his eventual wife Edie since they were kids. So sweet.