Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live! It's Production Night

Publisher Kevin Donahue doing what he does best: signing checks

Octavia Ratiu and Brad Duffy work on editing an article

(L to R) Octavia Ratiu, Ester Sims, and Emily Matich

A gaggle of Rover guys

Brandon Payne and Brian Boyd take a break from work to catch up - and pose for a picture


Brandon said...

We all look so happy, but the truth is that conservative are all mean and angry and stingy and miserly like Scrooge. All the time.

Anonymous said...

Ah, memories.

Rachel said...

where are the pics from 4am? ;)

Mary Liz said...

I need to start getting myself to production nights again

Greer Hannan said...

Did we get kicked out of the arts and design building again? I've had enough of airport lounges for the rest of my life. I miss you guys!!!