Sunday, February 3, 2008

ND social life

For the past two weekends, I traversed across these great states of America to visit Colgate University and Boston College. My two weekends away from the dome gave me new perspective on what makes Notre Dame such a beloved place. Although these places were undoubtedly exhillerating weekend destinations, they certianly do not foster the same sense of community as Notre Dame does. My experiences at these other institutions were nothing short of culture shock. Coming from our parietal stricken single sex dorms, stepping into a residence hall where boys and girls are neighbors made me appreciate Notre Dame's unusually strict rules. It was as if a plane ride took me from an orderly world into a place where you can do just about whatever you want. I can safely say, after staying awake until four in the morning waiting for the boys to leave the room, that I truly appreciate parietals for the first time. Beyond the enforced rules that make Notre Dame such a "strict" place, the attitude of the students at these other schools was completely different than the one I have seen here. At Notre Dame, students are actually passionate not only about their learning, but also about making a positive difference in the world. Here the atmosphere is not just about getting good grades and being successful. The rare emphasis that Notre Dame students place on living a moral life is not prevalent at other colleges. Here we do not experience as much of the material driven popular culture as other schools do. Although every school has its faults, I am proud to say that I go to a place like Notre Dame with its single sex dorms, stringent alcohol policies, lack of fraternities, and general Catholicity.


Darragh said...

Though I haven't has as much outside experience, I definitely appreciated the arrival of parietals, which meant the roommate's boyfriend had to leave, which meant I could go to bed or take a shower.

Brandon said...

Boys just wanna have fun...

And on other notes, at least it doesn't smell like marijuana in all the hallways like a certain Ivy League school in Manhattan that I recently visited. And no one cared that their hallway was rank.

And ND has just about the best dining halls in existence.

And girls from the North side are awesome.


ND students vote for OBAMA said...

In other news ND students experience what is comely known as "culture shock" upon graduation and sub sequential entering into the real world. They soon realize that the "bubble" of safety around them, provided by ND, has in all actuality deprived them of the one true reason for attending college, the preparation and personal growth needed to become a productive and useful member of what the rest of us call the "real world".