Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Notre Dame may not be employer of the year in Indiana, but at least we don't have this problem:

Among dirty dishes and utensils, Harvard dining workers have been finding used hypodermic needles on trays sent to the kitchen, the Harvard Crimson reports. Officials suspect the needles are probably not being left maliciously but most likely are left over from insulin shots. In response, the school has set up a sharp objects disposal receptacle and encouraged workers to wear cutproof gloves. "People work here, OK?" said one dishwasher. "I don't know what they think. So why do they send [the needles] here? They don't care for us?"

Unfortunately, most college students don't care. Domers are guilty of this too, but fortunately we aren't that negligent.


Darragh said...

.... gross

Kevin Donohue said...

i just love the fact that tommy was one of the labels