Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney drops out for the GOP cause

If you haven't heard already, Romney has officially suspended his campaign, thereby offering the chance for conservatives to rally 'round McCain who has proven himself to be the GOP frontrunner. Regardless of who you were supporting in this Republican Primary, Romney's move truly is the "Republican" thing to do and he should be applauded for this act of humble conservatism. As this Primary campaign evolves into a National campaign, Republicans now have the upper-hand, being able to coalesce as the Democrats continue to duke it out.

Prospects are looking good.


Anonymous said...


I mean ... he did fight well (and a little dirty sometimes) and it was the smart move to strenghthen the Republican cause while the Democrats duke it out.

I wondered what would have happened if the Republicans had had a minority nominated, so the election came down to the first woman on one side and the first black person on the other. (or any other minority). Like Condi vs. Hilary. THAT would have been interesting

Brandon said...

"Prospects are looking good"

Looking good for what Dan?
Eight more years of Republican do-nothing hegemony? McCain is a good guy, probably the best candidate out there, but I don't know if his body will hold up long enough for him to be successful.

Matt said...

Americans like gridlock, especially when it is caused in part by someone they perceive as being on the side of the taxpayer (e.g., McCain). I'll take eight do-nothing years over four years of government expansion any day. Our national debt will be hitting $10,000,000,000,000 any day now. The slower that number grows, the better.

And, BTW, be careful when making remarks about MacDaddy's bod. I rather obtusely made fun of his awkward fist-pounding gestures once, not reading until later that his range of motion is restricted due to injuries sustained as a POW. All things considered, I think he's held together pretty well.