Friday, February 1, 2008

Rover Sports Update

So the Irish beat Providence tonight in overtime for their 32nd consecutive win at the JACC. The game almost ended in regulation as PG Tory Jackson made a steal and launched a 40-footer as time expired, but the ball bounced off the rim to send the game to overtime, where the Irish easily pulled away.

This win moves the Irish to 15-4 (5-2) and keeps them firmly planted at 2nd in the Big East, a game and a half behind Georgetown. Luke Harangody continues to dazzle. He leads the league in points and is 2nd in rebounds and notched a career high 31 points against Providence.

The Big Ugly, Luke Harangody

Irish didn't play well tonight but if they hold onto the second place in the regular season they should make it to the Big East Championship game, which would mean a 4 or 5 seed in the Tourney.

The Irish lead the league in free throw percentage and three point percentage. Important categories in close games and when playing catch up. Notre Dame also consistently out-rebounds its opponents which is valuable late in games when every possession matters. The Irish are tied for second in Assist/Turnover ratio so they are protecting the ball and spreading it around, marks of good team work.

If they play as well as they did versus Villanova, Notre Dame should definitely go deeper than it did in last year's tournament.


Anonymous said...

Before we make the Irish out to be a team that can make a run in the tournament, I think we should still keep in mind the horrendous road losses to Marquette and Georgetown. Harangody, who has been phenomenal so far this season, still struggles against players considerably taller than him.

Against Georgetown's 7-2 Roy Hibbert, Harangody only managed to go 3-13 from the field. Against UConn, a game in which the Irish would have lost if McAlarney did put up 32 points, Harangody only shot 5-23 from the field when he was matched up against the 7-3 Hasheem Thabeet.

In games where Harangody is outsized, he seems to force a lot of bad shots, and if McAlarney isn't having a good game from the outside, the Irish are very susceptible to defeat.

Brandon said...

Harangody still rebounds like a fiend, and if we are jacking up treys then we need those offensive rebounds.