Monday, February 11, 2008

Say One Thing, Say Another, Do Both

This article excellently demonstrates the particularly odd situation that Duke is in, for, while in horror that their own students would hire a stripper to a party, even creating a new rule which expressly prohibits the inviting or hiring of strippers, Duke University sponsored a "Sex Workers Art Show" in which "strippers, prostitutes, and phone-sex operators were given the opportunity to "disply their 'creative genius.'" Now, I won't go into the specifics of this article which explicitly relates information about the content of the "Art Show." Personally, I don't find said material to be fit for such a classy blog. But what we find here is a disconnect: strippers are bad, strippers are good.

Oh wait, one is in an "academic context."


Anonymous said...

Of course, everything is acceptable when it's in an "academic setting"!

Sex worker art shows, queer film festivals, and even certain monologues are exonerated of any inappropriateness when followed by a panel and christened by an academic department (or two).

How long is it before ND is in a similar situation? What would Jenkins do?

Dan Amiri said...

How long? My dear anonymous friend, it is prevalent.