Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday: Or How I Came to Stop Worrying and Love McCain.

So, I'll admit, as a resident of Florida, voting last week, I cast my valuable absentee ballot for Mitt Romney. However, he did not win.

But my fellow Romneyites and I kept that flame of hope alive as Super Tuesday rolled around. And then, again, Romney failed to pull through, winning 7 states to McCain's 9. (With the delegate count being 201 to 605). So...what now?

It appears the McCain train is rolling, with a 707 to 312 delegate lead. Insurmountable? No, but with only 22 states (and 1264 delegates) left, the prospects don't look good for the former Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I will not jump on the Vote Hillary if McCain Wins bandwagon.

As Ann Coulter apparently will be doing if that happens.

However although it remains to be seen who will ultimately capture the Republican nomination, with the honorable senator from Arizona appearing to be the most likely, its time to face the facts. McCain is a far better choice than Hillary (or Obama) (or Kucinich) (just joking).

His stance on Iraq and other foreign policy issues is certainly conservative which is a must for our future leader. His personal life would not be an issue or a focus (unlike a Clinton White House). Domestically, although McCain isn't a lock-step Conservative, and I hate his Campaign Reform, he happens to think well and deeply and possesses the ability to unite a severely fractured country (also a problem with Hillary).

This is a contentious issue among the Rover staff, however, I can personally endorse McCain for President (assuming Romney loses) (and Ron Paul) (joking) (kinda).

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