Friday, March 14, 2008

Bishop D'Arcy fires back

We've posted a lot of long things lately, so I'll just put the link to Bishop D'Arcy's statement on the Monologues. Every year, his statements are more insightful - let alone authoritative - than pretty much anyone else's; yet every year, we more or less pretend that a Catholic university can function as such in opposition to its local head.

Seriously, read that. But if you don't have time, take a moment to reflect upon how his concluding sentence sums up so succinctly the way in which we are called to be signs of contradiction, viewing basic concepts in a radically different light than the world:

"A decision not to sponsor the play is not only consistent with academic freedom but is a right use of such freedom for it shows respect for the truth, for the common good and the rights of others."

Foolishness to the Gentiles, indeed.

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