Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Brey and Harangody Take Top Honors

Congratulations to Luke Harangody who was named Big East Player of the Year on Tuesday. Harangody was a dominating force in the Big East all season, averaging 21 ppg and 10.3 rebounds a contest in Big East play.

Mike Brey was also named Big East Coach of the Year for the second consecutive year, guiding the Irish, who were picked to finish 9th in conference play, to a 14-4 conference record.

Hopefully, the men's team can continue its success far into March, and perhaps into April.


Anonymous said...

and yet they banned 'breytopia' - so we can't show support for our team!
yet another admin decision sticking it to the students for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

well apparently the big east player of the year and coach of the year weren't good enough to help them win a game in the conference tournament.