Monday, March 17, 2008

Michigan Athlete-Students

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So Big blue is at it again. Wolverine nation cringed last year when alum and Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh criticized the academic environment that Michigan creates for its football players. Now there might be some hard evidence:

A single University of Michigan professors taught 294 independent studies for students, 85 percent of them athletes, from the fall of 2004 to the fall of 2007, according to The Ann Arbor News. According to the report, which kicks of a series on Michigan athletics and was based on seven months of investigation, many athletes reported being steered to the professor, and said that they earned three or four credits for meeting with him as little as 15 minutes every two weeks. In addition, three former athletics department officials said that athletes were urged to take courses with the professor, John Hagen, to raise their averages. Transcripts examined by the newspaper showed that students earned significantly higher grades with Hagen than in their regular courses. The News reported that Hagen initially denied teaching a high percentage of athletes in his independent studies, but did not dispute the accuracy of documents the newspaper shared with him. He did deny being part of any effort to raise the averages of his students. The newspaper also said that Michigan’s president and athletics director had declined to be interviewed for the series.

Now that RichRod is there, things probably won't get any better. At least Weis can apologize for graduating players, which is what they are "supposed to do."

Psychology Professor Hagen

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