Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monologues protests

Holding the Monlogues during Easter Week has caused quite a backlash, it seems.

A half-dozen students were outside DeBart before the play, passing out Bishop D'Arcy's refutation of Fr. Jenkins.
32 (by my count) students stood up and silently left the play after the first monologue - which was close to a fifth of the audience. They proceeded to the Grotto to pray the Rosary for the Notre Dame community.
The Rosary will also be prayed at 6.45 at the Grotto on this Thursday and Friday; all are welcome to join.
A mass letter was sent to The Observer for publication tomorrow; I'm not sure how many signatories there were (someone comment if you do).
And we even had out-of-town visitors:

The student message has been loud and clear ... those who have ears, let them hear.

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Anonymous said...

The Great Monologues Walkout of 2008.

From what was said by people exiting DeBart 101 after the performance and at the academic panels (which an astounding ~10% of the audience from today's show attended), the protest made an impact, from puzzlement, to understanding, to outrage and booing.

Brian, perhaps they are deaf.