Monday, March 17, 2008

New NY Governer Admits Affair

And he hasn't even actually started governing.

On the one hand, perhaps he genuinely made a mistake and he regrets it completely. On the other hand, no matter what the new governor says or does, this does not look good at all. Sarkozy, Spitzer, Clinton. A slew of powerful men, all of whom violated the sanctity of their marriages.

I am not married yet but I hope to think faithfulness is not impossible.

But then again, if I question the viability of faithfulness sincerely (finding it truly to be possible by the grace of God), how many more will believe infidelity to be the status quo? Is it the status quo?

Perhaps we should all post stories of men and women in our lives who have remained faithful to each other:

For one, my grandparents celebrated their 50th Anniversary a couple years ago. My grandfather, who migrated from Iran in his 20s, and my grandmother--a fun-loving, intense, red-haired mother of three--make quite the odd couple. My grandpa has lately grown hard of hearing and so, many times, my grandma has to yell at him to tell him to do something. (I secretly think the hearing problem is a facade.) My grandpa is also perhaps one of the most loving fathers I have seen and a great cook of fine Persian cuisine. When my grandmother had heart surgery, my grandpa was there. When my grandpa grew ill, my grandma was there. There were severely trying times for both of them, but one thing I have never doubted is that my grandparents love each other with all their hearts. May God bless them both.


Aldrich said...

Help announce the anti-war protest this Wednesday, 1-2pm, Fieldhouse Mall.

Brandon said...

At least he owned it unlike those others. Give him a little bit of credit for that.

Brandon said...

Aldrich you Republican tool, you should be denouncing the democrat swindlers who cheat on their wives instead of the costly and unfounded war for oil in a harmless Middle Eastern country.
[end sarcasm]

Joseph Lawler said...

Paterson's honesty at the outset is commendable, as is his and his wife's re-commitment to their marriage when it might have been convenient for them to divorce.
But why does the public think that honesty in one's private life doesn't extend to honesty in one's public life? I don't think that humans are that compartmentalized.
Dan, my grandparents were about to celebrate their 66th anniversary when my grandfather passed away at the beginning of the school year. Certainly they (along with my parents) are a model of love for which I am grateful.