Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Traveling South

To all of our readers, I wish a happy spring break from the greatest, and warmest, state in the Union, Florida. I am currently enjoying the beaches of my fair state, the sunshine, and the highs in the seventies and eighties. I hope that everyone's breaks are equally as pleasant.

One interesting item of note would be the presence of Stations of the Cross even in the Midway Airport in Chicago. I was traveling on my way back and while taking of my shoes at security heard an announcement of 3 o'clock stations in the airport chapel. I went there and was pleasantly surprised not only of the overall attendance of around 10; but of the fact that half were fellow Notre Dame students. It's nice to see our University, especially the Greatest Catholic University in America, participating in such a nice Catholic tradition. Also, the opportunity for travelers was a nice reminder of God in an otherwise hectic day of travel.

Once again, have a nice and warm break!

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Darragh said...

unfortunately, it snowed again, but then it melted and we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. I love snow but this ....