Monday, March 31, 2008

True Love Revolution

This article from this weekend's New York Times Magazine chronicles the journey of Janie Fredell from Colorado Springs to Harvard's True Love Revolution club. True Love Revolution promotes abstinence until marriage. The secular club (though most members are Catholic) is modeled after Princeton's Anscombe Society, but less philosophical and more practical. Last fall Fredell had a "debate" with fellow student Lena Chen, the face of sexual freedom at Harvard. They realized that they might have more in common than they thought.

Though lengthy this article is worth the read as it addresses an issue that all young Catholics should examine in tandem with the marital disfunction articles that have been posted. The interviews are also rather candid and informative. Predictable is the Harvard Crimson's dismissal of True Love Revolution, unprecedented at the institution is the will that True Love Revolution's leaders have to fight against the overwhelming moral norms at the school. Good read.

Janie Fredell, co-president of True Love Revolution

Leo Keliher, co-president of True Love Revolution

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