Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vagina: The New "F***"

The introduction to the Monologues joked about it, I've seen it in several articles, and, most recently, in the comments on this blog: "V*****."

It really is an interesting phenomenon. Under the guise of "raising awareness" about female sexuality and sexual assault (I have yet someone to explain to me how the Monologues actually achieves this goal), the Monologues uses the word "vagina" to evoke shock, humor, and, in some way, sympathy from the audience. And yet, in doing so, they have made the word shameful to use for those who prefer to be modest.

In precisely the way the Monologues uses it, v***** is a swear word. It is a rallying call. It is a banner for an entire movement on campus. "V******" screams rebellious, anti-Catholic rhetoric.

Funny how it was supposed to "give women a voice." Now that they have one, what can they say?

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Anonymous said...

I've heard some people use "Vagina" like "Aloha" now.