Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bookstore Championship

Bookstore Basketball 2008 benefitting the Jumpball Program is finally over and the winner is Saltines, featuring tournament MVP Carl Andersen of Morrissey Manor.

Carl, in white, plays some mad D against an over matched opponent>>>>>>>

Carl Andersen has finally brought the hardware home to Morrissey. The junior Manorite from Minnesota has been considered one of the best basketball players on campus (regardless of varsity status or not) since he arrived as a freshman. That first year he was Mr. Bookstore, losing head-to-head against MVP and current Cincinnati Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe in overtime of the championship game in driving rain. This year he is tournament MVP as he led the Saltines to victory over Mean Girls, scoring 9 points in the finals and 10 points in the semis (Bookstore is played to 21).

The Mean Girls tried a box-one defense, in which four defenders play zone on the corners of the key and the fifth defender shadows one player, in this case Andersen. My roomates tried this same tactic against the Saltines two weeks ago and Andersen torched them as well. Many in the Manor wonder how long it will take for Mike Brey to take notice.

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