Tuesday, April 8, 2008

shameless promotion of one's employer

Watch this video to see Brit Hume talking about the Campus Outrage Awards given by the Collegiate Network, of which the Rover is a member. The title of this entry links to the CN Youtube channel. This clip is from the Grapevine segment of Special Report (which, by the way, is worth watching daily). The top award this year went to Duke Univ. for the hypocrisy of sponsoring a public performance of the Sex Workers Art Show, featuring prostitutes and strippers, even though the University has officially condemned stripping ever since the fallout from the lacrosse "rape" party.

Interestingly, the Sex Workers Art Show, whose motto is "new whore order," seems to follow the successful V-Monologue method of bringing trashy events to college campuses.

The jester appearing in this clip is actually the trophy we send to the president of the offending college. I wonder what President Broadhead will do with his--I hope it doesn't end up in a landfill. We have a shelf full of more Jester statues just waiting to make their way to the offices of college presidents nationwide.


Brandon said...

C'mon Joe, of course it's okay to throw your own students under the bus, cancel their athletic season, and fire their coach just for being boys while you invite sex workers to campus because the Sex Worker Art Show is an academic event. The lacrosse party clearly appealed only to prurient interests, while the "Art Show" was obviously an academic. Jeez. [end sarcasm]

I don't think that hiring stripper is okay, but it is arguably less offensive for a bunch of teenage boys to do it in their house than for a university to do it publicly.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame has no room at all to be critical of the "academic events" of others. Worse, ND officials are incompetent at doing other than digging their hole deeper and deeper. Fortunately, so far, it is internal and the whole world isn't laughing at the ND version of "academic freedom".