Saturday, April 5, 2008

Starts 20 minutes late, ends 20 minutes later

That was the highly touted Ethel Kennedy presentation this afternoon. Now I'm not going to knock on a nice old lady like Mrs. Ethel. But if this was Obama's response to Chelsea Clinton and Sean Astin promoting Hillary at Notre Dame, then I am sorely disappointed and frankly offended that the junior Senator from Illinois thinks he can get away with this weak attempt at self-promotion. The stately Mrs. Kennedy didn't even speak but for an anecdote about Fr. Cavanaugh and Grandpa Kennedy that some how meant that Obama might as well be Jesus. Most of the 20 minutes was filled with the heart-felt, fact-free pleading of Max Kennedy, the late Attorney General's son. Overall there was little substance in Mr. Kennedy's remarks, just his personal belief in Obama's ability to be a uniting leader who speaks the truth. After telling a story about how his father spoke out against Martin Luther Ling's 1960 arrest while his uncle, who was running for president, did not Kennedy said “When I look at Barack Obama, I see a man who will tell me the truth, and he will say it whether I want to hear it or not.” He continued by saying the United States would again be the country that he thought it was when he was a kid--that "Barac Obama is going to win, he is going to pull us all together. He can work with both parties." Of course the good prosecuter failed to give us any of Obama's achievements, but for his opposition to Iraq from the beginning. As time goes by that seems to be the only thing that Obama can really hang his cap on, but many people opposed the war, does that make all of them qualified to be president? Well, they didn't go to Harvard Law School so maybe not.

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