Friday, April 25, 2008

The vibrant Anglican church

In London the other day, I passed St. Mary Abbot Church just off Kensington High Street. The medieval-looking chapel was built in the 1800s on the site of an older church where Isaac Newton worshipped. As I walked into the Cloister walk leading to the church, I noticed a sign on the sidewalk advertising church services. It said: "SUNDAY ON MONDAY. Missed church on Sunday? D0n't Worry! Sunday service on Monday, 12:30pm." What a welcoming message, very much in line with Canterbury's last ditch effort to get people to go to church. I wondered, though, if one missed Sunday on Monday, could you go to a Sunday on Monday on Tuesday? Or, even better, how about a "Month of Sundays on Wednesday." That way, your weekend could be free of church obligations, and you could knock out a month's worth of worship on a Wed. night. And, given my experience the previous day at vespers at St. Martin in the Fields church, the worship service isn't demanding: At St. Martin's, the female pastor lady played a Yanni-esque tape of "calming music" so that those in attendence could think about whatever the hell they wanted, without being told how or what to think. I guess you could do that from your easy-chair, which leaves me in sort of a quandry: Why go at all? It seems most erstwhile Anglicans have found the same quesiton to be pretty sensible.

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