Tuesday, May 6, 2008

LaFortune: Seat of Wisdom

Just overheard in LaFortune:

"Hey! I just figured it out! War doesn't make sense because fighting to make someone be peaceful is like coercing someone to believe what you believe. Fighting to be peaceful doesn't make sense, just like you can't force someone to think like you. Now, I need to figure out Just War Theory."

What ingenious logic.
My head hurts.


Brandon said...

Please tell me this was a girl from North Quad.

I wouldn't want men (or anyone) from South Quad to be this brazenly errr...insightful in public.

Joe Lindsley said...

these intelligent thoughts probably came from someone who calls LaFortune "LaFun"

Mary Liz said...

It was a girl - can't say from where. Mind you, I live on the north side of campus myself. I will also confess to calling LaFortune "LaFun" (sorry, Joe).
Thanks for the picture and title change. (Brandon?) Nice touch :-)