Thursday, May 1, 2008

ND Profs on Obama's Catholic Advisory Council

I caught this on Barack Obama's "Faith" section of his website, and then saw that it had made it around a few corners of the Catholic blogosphere.

From April 21:
Today a group of prominent Catholic public servants, theologians, and advocates announced their support for Barack Obama for President and formed a National Advisory Council to mobilize thousands of committed Catholics and people of all faith communities standing in support of Obama.

"We share many important values, and I have profound respect for how these religious and lay women and men have put their faith into action to promote the common good. They have spent their lives serving others: shaping our public debates, caring for the poor, ministering to those who need our help, and fighting for a more just society. As a committed Christian, I welcome their help as we continue to build the largest grassroots network of people of faith in any campaign in history."

Of interest are three Notre Dame-related people listed on the roster.

- Cathleen Kaveny, Professor of Law and Theology
- Vincent Rougeau, Professor of Law
- Peter Quaranto, Class of 2006

Does anyone think that this Advisory Council will help Barack get the Catholic vote?

Also of interest is how the apostle of political hope and "change you can believe in" welcomed Pope Benedict to America (whose Apostolic Journey had the theme of "Christ Our Hope").

On behalf of our family, Michelle and I want to extend our warmest welcome to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI as he arrives for his historic apostolic journey to the United States. As committed Christians, we join millions of Americans – Catholics and members of all faith communities – in offering our prayers for the success of the Holy Father’s visit.

At a time when American families face rising costs at home and a range of worries abroad, the theme of Pope Benedict’s journey, "“Christ Our Hope," offers comfort and grace as well as a challenge to all faith communities to put our faith into action for the common good. It will not only be Catholics who are listening to the Holy Father’s message of hope and peace; all Americans will be listening with open hearts and minds.


Mary Liz said...

"Does anyone think that this Advisory Council will help Barack get the Catholic vote?"

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. All three of those members of the ND family are very smart, and yes, people do listen to them -even Peter. They have a way with words, and I can easily see them feeding off of the very message and parallel of hope that you noted, Rachel.

Mary Liz said...

More on Peter for you young'uns who might not remember him:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the former ND law school star, Doug K, now at Pepperdine Law. But, given the media finally finding out about what 20 plus years in the pew mean to Obama I'm sure religion isn't any sort of reliable guidepost for him. The Notre Dame folks, if as smart as they are touted to be, will soon be swimming away from that bark.

Brandon said...

There is pretty much nothing he can do to convince me at this point that he is the "Catholic" candidate. His personal friend, the "Rev" Wright, is attempting to throw this whole thing for him. I'm hoping that no one votes for him because of this PR group. Sure, vote for him for a good reason, but this isn't a good reason. What I can see happening out of this Obama-Wright thing and the media backlash (even USA Today which is usually anti-Hillary (not pro-Obama) is on the anti-Obama bandwagon now)is that African-Americans could interpret this as an attack on one of their for his religion and then play it close to the vest by voting in even larger numbers for him. However, I think that most voters are smarter than that. Still, it could be his best last hope if the Superdelegates defect.

Tom B. said...

Doesn't he have a %100 rating from Planned Parenthood?

Brandon said...

He has a 0% rating from the National Right to Life Committee. Pro-family indeed.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the number of students that are going to vote for Obama. The only thing I can attribute their ignorance to is misguided youthful Idealism.

Wake up ND sheeple!

Anonymous said...

None of the political candidates we have can be considered 100% pro-life or the "Catholic candidate." President Bush is not pro-life, neither is McCain. At least a Democrat would actually start to fix the economy and help poor people.