Friday, May 30, 2008

Susan Sarandon: An Unwitting icon of the Democratic Party

My love-hate relationship with the DrudgeReport has proven fruitful once again with some recent pop news: "Susan Sarandon vows to move to Canada or Italy if McCain elected...."

My first thought: who cares?
My second thought: woohoo!!!
My third thought: what a hypocrite.

I have about a thousand thoughts running through my head so let me try to pin down a few.

If Sarandon leaves the country upon McCain's election, it will be verified to me that she is the most self-conceited woman I know. Not only would she simply abandon the poor who, as a Democrat and Obama supporter, she must love so dearly, but it becomes painfully obvious to me that she does not care enough about the people in this country to donate her time and money to those who need it. If I had a few extra hundred thousand lying around that I could throw into moving out of the country should Obama get elected, perhaps I would find a place where the grass is greener, like Ireland, to settle and retire.

Or, maybe, just maybe, I would love this country just enough to stay and stick it out and work to make it better. One could say that Obama's election would, in fact, necessitate my stay here. Whatever Obama could do to destroy America and its foundations, I know that I would be responsible for "saving" my fellow Americans from whatever evil of tyranny he decides to sign into law or whatever crimes against freedom he wishes to commit with his executive power. I am a citizen of United States of America, not a pawn of the President. I uphold and protect the interests of this country, not the will of the Executive Branch.

I find it absolutely amazing that someone like Sarandon can charade as a true American, being a slave to the vision of Democratic utopia. How many Democrats actually care for this country and its citizens?

God help us all.

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Darragh said...

My roommate freshman year was alot like that. We didn't have the same ideological values. After the 2004 election, her family started seriously looking for houses in Ireland and Italy. They were looking at some places with gorgeous views, but I thought the whole thing was funny