Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Happy Father's Day

Realizing that I was up to post on this blog, I became a little worried when, as I struggled to think of something witty or meaningful to discuss, my brain failed to successfully cogitate anything that would be worth your while to optically absorb into your cerebrum (Work with me here, my first major is psychology). So, the natural balm for any problem in today's modern world is to go to any Internet search engine to find an answer made especially for you. For my conundrum, I, in the same manner that Luke Skywalker seeks the guidance of Yoda, sought the guidance of Youtube. It soon dawned upon me, as the sun does upon the day, that today is a very important day. What day is that, you might inquire? Well, Dear and Gentle Reader, that today is happy father's day, of course.

If you were my father, your response to such a declaration would be, "Psh, you silly little girl, everyday is father's day!" And then you would flash an Orbit-Smile. (No, that picture is not of my father, nor is it any likeness thereof.)

That is why I, like a mosquito to a bug-zapper light, was so drawn to the below embedded video. Filmed in 1934 and entitled "Everyday is Father's Day with Baby," this skit is a parody of sorts on the statement that "every day is father's day" in its humorous 'explanation' of the meaning of said statement.

While it is true that every day should be father's day (in the sense that fathers should daily attend to their fatherly duties), I guess it is also a good idea that once a year we set aside one day in our busy and hectic schedules to buy dad a present and/or a card to say, "Thanks, Dad, for all of the great and hard work that you do and for putting up with all of my antics. Keep it up. See ya next year when I give you this update again."

So, yeah, a very Happy Father's Day to all of the the dads out there.

[[Disclaimer: This post was written by a very tired person and the author hopes it is not offensive to any reader. Nor is it in any way reflective of the author's relationship with her father]]

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