Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey, don't feel guilty

even if you are.

Headline from Notre Dame News & Information: "New study examines Catholic guilt among U.S teens"

What will ensure that Notre Dame remains a Catholic university? Is it the mere funding of empirical studies on religious themes? Say, an "academic study" on whether U.S. teens "feel bad for a variety of sins committed or contemplated"?

"See, we take Catholicism seriously: We examined whether kids experience Catholic guilt! Notre Dame--the place where the Church does it's thinking!!! And we're also cool because we talk about pop culture, and in a pop-culture sort of way!"

I'm not saying that there's no place for such a study, even if I have no time for it personally, but I am wondering whether such empirical forays could replace substantial inquiries into the faith, while preserving the facade of taking Catholicism seriously.

Am I being too harsh? If so, I might issue a mea culpa, but only if I feel guilty.

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prw said...

Well I suppose they have to ask the question whether Catholic teens feel more or less guilty than non-Catholic teens because sociologists are manifestly unequipped to ask the question of whether Catholic teens feel more or less guilty than they should feel.