Sunday, June 29, 2008

"...Love Sweet Love"

Have you ever just sat and thought about what it means to give someone a hug? This question might strike certain people as odd, weird, or unnecessary to ask or to contemplate; however, as you can probably guess by the mere fact that I am blogging this, I disagree. Actually, I am kind of fascinated by this question and how it fits into the broader question of what it means to be human and to experience love.

in modern day living, the hug is very frequently employed as a form of expression for a greeting, sympathy, congratulations, encouragement, posing for a picture and the list can go on. If you Google the meaning of a hug your results total 5,820,000 (I kid you not). I found this YouTube video about year and half ago, entitled "A Free Hug Campaign." I think it is an awesome video and I laugh with joy everytime I watch it.

To an extent, I find this video inspiring. I get so excited whenever I watch it because it reminds me of how wonderful and gift-like a hug can (and should?) be. I mean, seriously, did you see how happy the people in that video were when they gave and received a hug? Now I am not saying that you should go running around hugging every living, breathing human specimen you happen upon - that would be odd, weird and unnecessary. When one hugs, he is pulling another person toward his heart, his soul, and is enclosing that person in his arms. Moreover, the one who hugs is also being drawn to the heart and soul of the other and is being similarly enclosed in other’s arms. It is an expression of care and of love for the other. That is pretty loaded. I believe the most meaningful hugs are those I receive that I know are being given with that care and love and when the person I am hugging knows of the care and love that is in the hug I give to him/her.

I could go on about this and related topics for pages, but I won't. So, not to be cliche or cheesy or hippie or anything to that effect, I close this blog post with (another) YouTube vido, this one of Jackie DeShannon singing her famous oldie, "What the World Needs Now is Love," and encourage you to think upon the meaning of a hug and what it means to you and what it might mean to those you hug. That's all.


Brandon said...

I have to say that I love hugs too. Remember that 20 seconds of hugging releases oxytocin, which makes you happy.

Kevin Donohue said...

i just like the band Sick Puppies