Friday, June 6, 2008

Softball, Statistics and Selfless Servicemen

Looks like the superdelegates are headed towards a lovely finale, at least according to this piece from today's New York Times. Written by an astrophysicist, the article combines some fancy-pants math with the polls about our ever charming Democratic candidates and comes to the conclusion that right now, "if the general election were held today, Barack Obama would lose to John McCain, while Mr. McCain would lose to Mrs. Clinton."

Fun, right? I found this on They keep me incredibly busy at Connolley Bove Lodge & Hutz (I would love it if someone could explain why there are no commas between the names of this firm- I've been reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynn Truss, a deliciously sarcastic book on "The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation." British humor par excellence... anyway, through perusal of said book, I've become attuned to stuff like this). I'm working in both the business office, and for various attorneys, so I have quite a bit of freedom to explore the various parts of a firm, and meet people. Everyone is friendly, the work is not too hard and its a lovely atmosphere, with the minor exception of a creepy clown poster, titled Exile on my coworkers desk.

The summer internship has been actually quite fun so far- there is a softball league down here in Wilmington, and hopefully this year we'll beat the Public Defenders to take the championship. Luckily, there is a rule mandating three girls on the field at all times, so the guys can't keep the fun all to themselves. Our star player happens to be the other domer at the firm, an attorney. His office is a testimony to the glory of our Alma Mater, complete with a golden helmet on display and vintage prints of the campus. Anyway, they pay for beer and pizza afterwards and its a good time in general.

Today, I've been thinking a lot about D-Day, (I'm finishing this on June 7th- but D-Day is the 6th). I used to love reading about World War II growing up, and listening to the stories of my grandparents and their friends. I hope that as we grow up and veterans are no longer alive to remind us, we continue to pray for the men who valiantly offered their lives on that day for their families, their country and for us.

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