Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summertime and the livin's (not so) easy

I am spending all my time this week reading furiously in preparation for the ISI summer conference next week (Kelly, I'm sure you can relate). It should be really interesting, as it is called "Civilization and Civilizations: The West in Context." Hopefully the weather won't be lousy so I'll be able to explore Quebec City in my free time! There are about 25 participants, and 3 of them (including myself) are Domers!! Woohoo.

In the next 6 days, I have to finish:

Christianity & Culture, T.S. Eliot
Lament for a Nation, George Parken Grant
Democracy Without Nations?, Pierre Manent
The Aeneid, Virgil
Visions of Order, Richard M. Weaver
Family and Civilization, Carle C. Zimmerman

Any thoughts/comments as to interesting tidbits I should focus on as I read them? Or speed-reading tips in general?


Kelly said...

mmm I left T.S. Eliot (with whom I already have a long standing grudge- I just tried to read Burnt Norton after trowing it away in disgust three years ago, and this time, it might have been a smallish bit lovely) anyway, I left C&C at a train station my first day at work. Delightful. Any speed reading tips would be most welcome hahaha

prw said...

Eliot took a while to grow on me too, and I found that reading his prose helped me to appreciate his poetry (and much of his criticism is still worth reading for its own sake).

I don't have any tips for speed reading, but I do have a joke about it (from Woody Allen):

"I took a course in speed reading once. I was able to read War and Peace in an hour. It's about Russia."

MaryKDaly said...

One word = Sparknotes.