Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome to the (Concrete) Jungle

This Summer, I have been working in beautiful downtown Wilmington for American Life Insurance Company, whose parent company is AIG (It's kind'f like being in the College of Science and, at the same time, a member of the University of Notre Dame). I'm an intern in the Corporate Actuarial department, and it's, well, corporate (I'd say more actuarial than corporate, in terms of personality, but still corporate).

The people are nice, the office is in good shape, and I've got a cubicle; at the same time, the work is very hard, very demanding, and very time-consuming. And the bottom line is money, corporate money (and if any of you read financial news, AIG needs some corporate money), so there are all sorts of higher-ups demanding results, and quickly.

Right now, I'm working for an actuary who is currently responsible for evaluating all of the expenses a particular country's insurance agencies made over the last several quarters. My job is to complete the data map that my boss and a computer programmer started and rectify this database, which was made in Microsoft Access, with a comparable database organized in a very different way in Microsoft Excel, and both of these with a grid table set up in a different way that is probably an Excel print-out. Unlike school, there are few patterns, and no short-cuts.

But to get a little bit more interesting. As boring as this probably sounds, I'm making the most of my Summer. I'm not home much during the waking hours of the day, but I get to spend most of the ones that I am with my family, which is awesome. Since my day is really structured, I have time to say Morning Prayer on the bus in, and pray a rosary on the bus out. And there's a really nice Mass downtown that has made the lunch hour very rewarding.

I'm about seventy pages short of three-books-read, I've been out to eat a few times, been to the pool once, seen my close friends from home, visited my grandparents, and am going to a Phillies game on Friday.

Granted, these are not the lazy days of Summer, which I miss, but I'm offsetting some college loans and am putting myself to some use, even if it is not in pursuit of the highest things. But there is a particular grace, I am told, in offering up one's work ad maiorem Dei gloriam.

Let's hope He's praised.


Darragh said...

sounds like you're having a good summer!

Also, that guy's costume is cause for serious worry

Brandon said...

Why is there a picture of Axel Rose in underwear on our blog?